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About her

Let's learn a little bit about her/She wrote this herself

Ryder is another fucking Los Angeles based actor. She grew up here, so she enjoys driving around with iced beverages and thinking about how crystals effect her mood. 

She just moved back from Chicago, where she spent three glorious years walking around the city, eating everything in sight, and getting an 'on-the-job' film education. She'd like you to know she didn't leave Chicago because the Winters were too cold for her (they weren't), but because she wanted to audition for more than just non-union commercials and Chicago Med/Law/PD/Fire/Animal Control/Sewage - and cause she thought her 65-pound rescue pitbull deserved to not spend his entire life in the midwest. 

She went to school at the University of CA, Davis where she studied Acting and English - super fucking original. She's done a bunch of theatre, and worked with a lot of great people.

She'd also like you to know that she's first generation Cuban-American, even though she looks like your run-of-the-mill white girl.

She makes stuff, too. You can see that shit below. She's still learning, so judge all you want.


She's not great at it



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Creative Content

More about Ryder's production company and their work can be found at galaxymapsfilm.com.